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  • Acquire, classify, interpret and generate soil and land resource data, facilitating enhancement of agricultural production through optimum use of the land according to its capability through water development planning and adopting proper soil health management programmes.
  • Plan, promote, coordinate and oversee the implementation of soil and water conservation programmes with an aim to conserve the valuable resource trinity of soil, water and biomass in a sustainable manner ensuring active participation of all stakeholders.
  • Disseminate information, skills and knowledge on the need for Natural Resource Conservation which would help in capacity building of the stakeholders and promote mass awareness.


  • To create a soil information system at panchayat level facilitating preparation of environmentally sustainable soil and land use plan that will help to increase the agricultural production to meet the increasing requirements of the State.
  • Conservation of soil and water resources for sustainable agricultural production and ecorestoration.





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Directorate of Soil Survey & Soil Conservation
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