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Complaints, if any, may be reported before 5.00 pm on 04.05.2022, via General Transfer email ID. Complaints received after this time will not be entertained.

Draft transfer list ADSC

Draft transfer list ADSS

Draft transfer order - Driver Gr. I

Draft transfer order - Head Clerk

Draft transfer order - Overseer Gr. I

Draft transfer order - SCO

Draft transfer order - Senior_Clerk

Draft transfer order - SSO

Draft transfer order - Surveyor Gr. II

Draft transfer order - Work Supntdt



General transfer _circular_2019-20

General transfer - 2018 - draft order - Work Superintedent

General transfer 2018 - draft order - Last Grade 

General transfer_2018_Field Assistant

General transfer 2018 - Clerk/Senior Clerk

General transfer 2018 - Soil Conservation Officer

General transfer 2018- Overseer/I Grade D'man

General transfer 2018- Surveyor/II Grade D'man

General transfer _draft order_Clerk / Senior clerk

General transfer _ draft order - Field Assistant

General Transfer_draft order-Overseer

General Transfer - draft order - Soil Conservation Officer

Transfer & Promotion of Soil Conservation Officer/Assistant Engineer

Transfer and Posting of Clerks

Transfer and promotion of Overseer/1st grade D'man

Transfer and Promotion of Surveyor/2nd grade D'man

Proceedings of transfer of Surveyor / II grade draftsman - DRAFT ORDER NO E(4) 1807/17 DATED 25/5/2017

Proceedings of transfer of Overseer / I grade drafts man - DRAFT ORDER NO. E(4) 3109/2017 DATED 25/5/2017

Proceedings of transfer of clerks - DRAFT ORDER NO E(3) 2678/2017 DATED 29/5/2017


Seniority list of Soil Conservation Officer

Seniority list of Assstant Engineer

Seniority list of Overseer

Seniority list of UD Clerk 

Seniority List of Driver

Seniority list of Sri. Biju Kumar, Senior Clerk

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