The State Plan Schemes implemented by the Soil Conservation wing are as follows:

  1. Soil and Water Conservation on Watershed Basis (RIDF)-NABARD assisted
  2. Stabilisation of Landslide Areas 
  3. Protection of Catchment of Reservoirs of Water Supply Schemes (PCRWSS)
  4. Training for departmental Staff and Others
  5. Training for departmental Staff and Others (Capital head)
  6. Application of Information Technology & Monitoring and Evaluation.
  7. Revival of traditional waterbodies
  8. Development of micro watersheds
  9. Participatory and sustainable micro watershed projects in 9 Local Self Government Institutions in Taliparamba Constituency in Kannur (NIDA assistance from NABARD)

1.Soil and Water Conservation on Watershed Basis (RIDF)-NABARD assisted
          Head of account: 2402-00-102-86 PLAN
The Department has been implementing watershed projects/ Drainage and Flood protection schemes under Rural Infrastructure Development Project with NABARD assistance in the state since 1995-96. The main objective of the scheme is to bring in improved and sustainable agricultural production and productivity in identified watershed area by adopting soil and water conservation activities. These land development works aim to improve the local production environment by providing the required basic infrastructure for controlling soil erosion, regulating water flow, promoting in situ conservation of water, moderation of floods and related damage, control of saline intrusion in drainage lines etc for facilitating increased agricultural production and productivity.
The works proposed are Stone Pitched contour bunds, graded bunds, moisture conservation pits, staggered trenches, bit trenches for rainwater harvesting, water harvesting structures, Farm ponds, dug out ponds, retaining wall, check dams, sluice, ramp, agrostological measures, live fencing, Agro forestry etc. Activities proposed includes soil and water conservation measures in agricultural land, eco restoration measures and drainage line protection works. Thrust is given for execution of low cost ecofriendly conservation measures using locally available materials.
Department has so far taken up works under 586 projects, from RIDF 1 to 25 tranche, wherein 1.69 lakh hectare area has been protected expending Rs 389.58 crores. Works are now continuing in 59 projects from RIDF XXII to XXV tranche. Six projects worth Rs.9.75 crore has been sanctioned under  RIDF XXVIII tranche for implementation in Alappuzha and Idukki districts.

2.Stabilisation of landslide areas
Head of account: 2402-00-102-87 PLAN
The Scheme envisages scientific Soil and Water Conservation/management for the stabilization/reclamation of the land slide prone/affected ecosystems in the hilly terrains of the State. It is proposed to undertake agronomic/ bioengineering interventions for the stabilisation and protection of landslide affected/ prone areas

3. Protection of Catchments of Reservoirs of Water Supply Schemes
Head of Account:  2402-00-102-88 PLAN 
The scheme is being implemented in the Catchments of the reservoirs of Water Supply Schemes at Aruvikkara in Thiruvananthapuram District, Sasthamcotta in Kollam District and Peruvannamoozhi in Kozhikode district. The Project aims to check siltation in the reservoirs of the water supply projects.
4.Training for Departmental Staff and others
Head of Account: 2402-00-102-85 PLAN
The training and extension centre of the Department viz. Institute for Watershed Development and Management, Kerala (IWDM-K) at Chadayamangalam has emerged as a nodal agency for imparting trainings not just for lay implementers but also for policy makers as well. It also serves the Programme Study Centre (PSC) of IGNOU, one year Diploma course on Watershed Management is offered through the institutein collaboration with Department of Land Resources of GOI. The centre is also designated as the outreach centre of the National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE), Hyderabad and Extension Education Institute (EEI), Hyderabad.

5. Training for Departmental Staff and others(construction of Trainees hostel – Capital Head)
Head of Account: 4402-00-101-96 PLAN

6. Application of Information Technology & Monitoring and Evaluation
Head of Account: 2402-00-102-81 PLAN
In tune with the Government policy of making Kerala a Digitally Governed State, the Department of Soil Survey and Soil Conservation has started taking measures for the implementation of e-Office and e-Services in all its offices across the state. The scheme envisions the implementation of e-Office in all its offices across the state, offering e-Services to the citizens, strengthening the IT infrastructural facilities of the Department and strengthening the Monitoring & Evaluation Cell and IT cell in the Department.

7.Revival of traditional water bodies
Head of Account:  2402-00-102-78 PLAN
The project aims at the revival and development of the traditional waterbodies, springs and various drainage courses for augmenting ground water potential and mitigating the severity of drought faced by the agricultural sector.

8. Development of Micro watersheds
          Head of Account :  2402-00-102-77 PLAN
The scheme aims at undertaking micro watershed based development through soil and water conservation activities in Taliparamba constituency of Kannur district and Kattakada constituency of Thiruvananthapuram district.

9.Participatory and sustainable micro watershed projects in 9 Local Self Government Institutions in Taliparamba Constituency in Kannur (NIDA assistance from NABARD)
Head of Account:  2402-00-102-76 PLAN
Government have accorded administrative sanction for Participatory and Sustainable Development of 09 micro watersheds in 9 local self-government institutes in Taliparamba legislative Assembly Constituency (LAC) in Kannur district-JALASAMRIDHI for a total financial outlay of Rs 63.88 crore availing NABARD NIDA assistance. Project aims to address the severe water scarcity in the area, by adopting sustainable development of soil and water resources on watershed basis.

Rebuild Kerala Initiative (RKI) Schemes
     A package of eco friendly conservation measures for the restoration of soil and water resources in 58000 hectare of land in the flood affected districts at an estimated cost of Rs 320 crore has been  conceptualised by the department . As a first phase, sanction has been accorded for the ecorestoration of 22841hectare in Idukki, Wayanad, Thrissur, Alappuzha, Kozhikode, and Malappuram districts at an estimated cost of Rs 60.94 crore. The project will be implemented by the Department of Soil Survey & Soil Conservation with the active participation of local self-government department within a time frame of 2-3 years.  The project aims to restore the degraded landscape worst affected in the floods of 2018& 2019 and bring forth resilience, through sustainable natural resource management practices with thrust on improving the soil health for agriculture development, reviving wetlands for flood cushioning,drainage improvement, slope stabilization, and landslide protection.
           Project activities commenced during 2020-21. Project activities were taken up across 68 project sites falling under six districts. Department proposes to complete all projects sanctioned through Rebuild Kerala Initiative by March 2023.

In addition to the above, Comprehensive Drought Mitigation Project on watershed basis for Mullankolly, Pulpllally & Poothadi Panchayats of Wayanad District under Wayanad Package, Centrally Sponsored Schemes such as RKVY, PMKSY etc are also implemented by the Department. The district level officers are instrumental in implementing District panchayath schemes, Tribal development schemes etc with assistance from local bodies and other departments.