Inceptisols The Inceptisols are juvenile soils developed owing to the alteration of parent material and occupy similar geomorphic positions as that of Entisols. The major difference is that the land form is more stable. On the high terrain, where erosion is not active, soils with thicker solum forms. These are ideal environments for humus accumulation and the soils are generally Dystrustepts. Dystrustepts are also present in the midland lateritic soils. These gravelly to stony soils are heavily eroded and consequently truncated. The normal soils in this geomorphic positions are soils with argillic and kandic horizons, Alfisols and Ultisols which are today degraded as Dystrustepts. Such soils require special attention to prevent degradation. The wet Inceptisols or Aquepts form large tracts of wetlands in Kerala