Hill Soils

The hill soils mostly occur above an elevation of 80m MSL. The area is hilly and has highly dissected denudational hills, elongated ridges, rocky cliffs and narrow valleys. The general slope range is above 10%. The texture of these soils generally range from loam to clay loam with average gravel content of 10 to 50%. In addition, stones and boulders are noticed in the subsoil. These soils have reddish brown to yellowish red/strong brown colour. Generally, increase in clay content is noticed down the profile. The depth of the soil varies considerably from 60 to 200 cm depending on the lie of the land, erodibility of soil and past erosion. These soils are mostly friable and subject to heavy soil erosion. The area is suitable for all dryland crops like rubber, coconut, arecanut and fruit trees based on the topography. Crops such as banana, pepper, pineapple, vegetables can be grown in foot slopes.