1. From where can I obtain the details of schemes being implemented in my area and to whom the application forms have to be submitted?
    The details regarding schemes implemented in an area and the application forms may be obtained from the respective District Soil Conservation Offices or Soil Conservation offices in that area. Duly filled application forms along with required documents have to be submitted to the concerned District Soil Conservation Offices or Soil Conservation offices.
  2. Who has to be contacted for organising training programme for students?
    School authorities may contact the Deputy Director of Soil Conservation, IWDMK / Principal Soil Chemist, Soil Museum either directly or through e-mail/ letter for organising trainings.
  3. Does the training centre conduct trainings outside its headquarters?
    Apart from its Headquarters at IWDMK Chadayamangalam, the training centre offers off campus trainings in various districts.
  4. Is there any accommodation facility at the training centre?
    Accommodation will be provided on need basis
  5. Can we get assistance for works in individual plots?
    Presently the department is implementing schemes on watershed basis. Those individuals having holdings within the scheme area will get assistance for soil and water conservation activities.